Fixed income

Pareto Securities has earned an undisputed position as the number one Investment Bank within High Yield Fixed Income in the Global Oil and Offshore and Nordic Corporates Primary and Secondary markets.

With the largest Fixed Income Department dedicated to High Yield bonds for these sectors, Pareto Securities is the leading Investment Bank in terms of both market knowledge and placing power.

The Fixed Income department, with its headquarters in Oslo, has a global reach and has employees situated in London, Germany, Switzerland, North America and Asia in addition to the Nordic Region.

Through the Investment banking department and the Fixed Income Sales Desk, Pareto Securities offers clients primary placements in Fixed Income products ranging from Investment Grade through High Yield.

Pareto Securitiesí Fixed Income Sales Desk offer Fixed Income products within the Primary and Secondary Fixed Income Markets to both Institutions and Individuals.

Liquidity is provided in the Global Secondary Fixed Income market through over-the-counter (OTC) trading.

The Fixed Income Research Desk covers a broad range of companies and provides analyses of the Fixed Income products Pareto Securities are active in both for the Primary and Secondary markets.

Through the Pareto Securities Customer Web, customers can access detailed Fixed Income data, research and price indications, giving Pareto Securitiesí clients a unique online platform for information.